Istanbul University, Faculty of Health Sciences; Council of Ministers Decree dated 01.06.2010 and 30.06.2010 2010/523 taken at the meeting date and published in the Official Gazette No. 27,627 undergraduate and graduate level has been established to provide training. University affiliated Bakirkoy Health Midwifery Department has decided to open a school in the closing chapter of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Health Management, Social Services and Audiology departments examined the proposal in Higher Education Steering Committee meeting dated 21.07.2010 has been opened in accordance with the date 26.07.2010 and numbered 25505 post. Thus, our faculty is located in the section 5.

Higher Education Board observed and collected in accordance with General Assembly dated 03.12.2010 and 25.11.2010 43 578 numbered article Prof. Dr. Haydar SUR 2547 law Article 16 (a) in accordance with paragraph was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences 3 years.

All Sections of the Faculty of Health Sciences 2011 – 2012 Education will be operational in the academic year.

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