Organization; ten campus units including Beyazıt-I, Beyazıt-II, Beyazıt-III, Avcılar, Cerrahpaşa, Çapa, Bakırköy, Şişli, Kadıköy, Bahçeköy shows activities. Task of organization; to find solution to the students who are faced the problems, to strengthen the solidarity and cooperation among them, to support the private and voluntary organizations when required, to carry out coordination between the lower support units, to work in coordination with other institutions related to the Rector and to create solutions for students. All kinds of students who benefit from this provided supports is recorded and monitored in a single center.

Our guidance counseling and social support services starts with registration at the beginning of each academic year and continue throughout to the entire training period.


Assist. Prof. Ebru KAYA MUTLU
Head of Guidence Conseling And Social Support Unit



  • Where can I find the scholarship application?

Guidance Counselling and Social Support Unit’s announcements can be found on the website link.,,

  • Are we doing all scholarship applications in our campus?

Although it depends on a scholarship, you can find out information on the web site or the content announcement.

  • Are the Prime Minister’s Scholarship and Higher Education Credit Institution scholarships give the same scholarship?

Both of the scholarship-awarding institution is same by Law Number 5102 from 2004-2005 school year. Prime Minister’s Scholarship is grant, Higher Education Credit Institution is give credit.

  • I made the application to the The Higher Education Credit scholarship. How can I learn the result?

Students who made evaluation of status of scholarship or grant loans can monitor the web-page.

  • Could we take the scholarship given by the Prime Minister’s Scholarship and Higher Education Credit Institution at the same time?

At the same time, not.









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